Transition- Prep 2019


Now your child is about to embark on their next big step, starting school.

At Launching Place Primary School, we understand that even though the first days of Foundation are exciting, it can also be quite a nervous time for students and parents.

To help students become more familiar with their new school environment we offer a Transition Program that begins the previous year to your child starting school.


The main aim of Foundation Transition program is to familiarise parents and children with the school, the staff, its surroundings and facilities. We want your child to feel at home at Launching Place Primary right from day one.


The program assists them in becoming familiar with the school environment and in developing a closer relationship with peers and the Foundation teachers.

Bookings are not required.


At Launching Place Primary School, our staff are committed to providing you with the best information on how to make your child's start to school life a positive and enjoyable time.


 We aim to provide a smooth and positive transition for Foundation children and their families.  Our transition program offers a range of activities and events to introduce children and their families into our school.  Foundation is a very exciting time for children and their families and through our ongoing transition program we aim to welcome families and involve them in their child’s education through developing partnerships with families as their child starts their seamless education from Foundation through to Year 6.


Some of these activities include:

Meeting parents and their children on School Tours

Parent Information Evening held in November

School transition visits- two play-based activity sessions in term 2, three sessions will be held in term 3 and three in term 4

Contact made with the child’s Kindergarten/Childcare Centre

Foundation Teachers read Transition Statements from Kindergarten Teachers

School wide Step up Day where Foundation children meet their teacher and classmates in their classrooms - December  

Foundation Interviews- Beginning Term 1

Foundation/Buddy Barbeque family night held in Term 1


Families are given the opportunity at the parent information sessions to:

Discuss strategies to help children adjust to starting school

Opportunity to share unique information about your child

Find out how they can get involved in children’s learning at home and at school

Develop effective family-school partnerships

Meet other families and build social networks

Ask any questions they may have


We look forward to working in partnership with you and your family and especially look forward to educating your child.  Our transition program lays the foundations for your child’s successful start at school through involving families in their child’s education and supporting children to adjust to school life.


Click on the link below to provide you with ideas and tips to assist your child's transition to school from the Department of Education and Training website.


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