The Prep children have a special Grade 5 student as their Buddy from the first day of school. Our Buddy Program is linked to the Alannah and Madeline program ‘Better Buddies’. Throughout the year all Prep children and their Buddies will share one hour sessions working together on cooperative programs. They will also share other special activities such as theme days, incursions, excursions, etc.


The Grade 5 buddy is a special friend and will be available to the Preps at Recess and Lunchtime if needed. Grade 5 children are able to spend time in the playground with the Preps, for the first term to assist their buddies in becoming more familiar and confident within their new school environment. There are also many benefits for the ‘older student’ in having such a young buddy to watch over and work alongside.




Check out the video below to hear more about the Buddies program at our school. 







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