From the Principal

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the Launching Place Primary School web site. This site is continually being updated and provides access to a broad range of information about our school, its programs and upcoming events.


Launching Place Primary School is located in the Upper Yarra Valley, 64 kilometers east of Melbourne.  The school is situated in a residential estate in a semi-rural area.


We consistently encourage students to become lifelong learners who value themselves, others and learning.  Your child will have changing learning needs at different stages during their education. We have an exceptional teaching and support staff that works tirelessly for the benefit of each and every student. We pride ourselves in being a place where our goal is to ensure we develop each child’s self-esteem as well as motivating them to achieve to their highest potential by providing a happy and challenging learning environment for all children.


We strive for our students to become motivated and independent learners through the provision of a wide range of learning choices where students demonstrate their understandings.  We promote a social responsibility, resilience, perseverance and independence to capably prepare our students for an ever changing world.

Our five core values guide the decisions and behaviours of all members of the school community and are supported by Agreed School Practices.



High   expectations are set to ensure the achievement of individual and team goals.


Developing   a sense of pride, self- esteem and personal identity while demonstrating   consideration for people and property.


Accountable   for one’s actions and accepting individual and collective responsibility


Developing   self-management, self-confidence and self-respect while nurturing optimism   and perseverance.


Being   truthful and trustworthy at all times.


We foster a strong partnership between home and school.  Taking part in your child’s education is an important factor in helping them to feel happy and secure in their school environment.  The more you know about your child’s school life, the more you can help them to achieve the best possible results. Student, staff and parent contributions are recognised, valued and are essential to the success of our school. We celebrate our many successes and work together to plan for our future. The school maintains an excellent reputation in the wider community for its educational provision and close-knit, supportive school community.   As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I am very proud to say that at Launching Place Primary, we are a village of staff and parents that work together to support all our children.


Choosing the right school is a very important decision for all parents. We are so proud of our school. We invite you to explore this website, or visit us in person, to discover more about our school and the education services that we offer.

Narelle Messerle