Student Leadership

At Launching Place Primary School our students have a range of opportunities to be leaders. This includes:

  • School Captains
  • Vice School Captains
  • House Captains - Launch, Bellbird, Yarra and Wattle
  • Environmental Team
  • Media Team
  • The Arts Team
  • Junior School Council
  • Classroom monitors


Our School, Vice and House Captains run our weekly school assemblies. They are in charge of setting up the venue, using the audio equipment (microphones and speaker to play our National Anthem), giving our Welcome to Country, reading the weekly report from each level, announcing achievement awards, sharing the house point tally and much more. Our School Captains also run other events in our community and help our school tours with new families seeing our school. 


Our Environment Team is in charge of leading sustainable change within our school. They look after our grounds, water the vegetable garden, take care of our chickens and ensure each classroom has a compost bin for our worm farm. It is great to see our Environmental Team encourage other students to join in the action at Recess and Lunchtime as part of the Work Crew Club. 


Our Media Team is in charge of using technology to record and document special events at school. They take photos during assembly, at excursions and incursions and they also regularly visit each grade to share all the wonderful things happening in the classrooms. 


Our Arts Team is in charge of helping Miss Nyman in the Arts Room. They help our younger students complete their Art by inspiring their creativity, modelling techniques and then to help during the very messy pack up. This is also a great opportunity to model how to play drama games to give our younger students an extra bit of confidence. 

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