To be human is to be curious about the world we live in, to wonder why it is that way, and to ask about our place in it. A fundamental goal for science education is to stimulate, respond to and nourish such curiosity, wonder and questioning. Science provides us with one view of the world – a view that changes as our knowledge and understanding of science evolves.  Building students’ science capability is critical to help them develop the skills and understanding necessary to meet challenges and make responsible, informed choices.  This is why the Victorian Government and Launching Place Primary School value science so highly and have made it a priority for 2013.

 To ensure students have the greatest chance of becoming literate in science, science is becoming embedded in classroom practice.  To do this, Launching Place Primary school is running a science coaching program where two science specialists, Miss Boyd and Mr. DeVisser, will work with each classroom teacher to build their capacity to teach science.  Each term, two levels will receive coaching and each level will work with both specialists at different times.  This means students will have 2 teachers working with them in science classes this year.  To see when your child will be receiving special science classes this year, consult the table below:


Grade level




2, 4

Staying Alive,

Grade 1/2

1, 3

Up, Down and All Around

Grade 3/4

1, 4

Fur, Feathers and Leaves

Grade 5/6


It’s Electrifying




Science will also be evident elsewhere in the school program as teachers often incorporate science units; it is a part of the school’s Gifted and Talented program and lunchtime clubs.   Learning science as part of the literacy program is also being trialled in the grade 5/6 area with many students being given the opportunity to be part of it.