School Uniform

Launching Place Primary School has a compulsory school uniform policy at the request of the school community. This policy has been designed to make clothing for your child for school more affordable and simple, as well as to engender a sense of pride in the school. Our school uniform colours are navy and light blue. Student are required to wear a wide brimmed or legionnaire's hat from September to April in accordance with our Sunsmart Policy. Please refer to our uniform policy for more information:

Uniform Policy

School Uniform Dress Code


A ‘not for profit’ uniform shop is operated by the school as a service to parents. Uniforms are available from the Uniform Shop situated in our School office open: Monday - Friday 8:30am to 3.30pm. For uniform orders or enquiries please see the school office. 


A list of clothing that may be worn as part of the uniform: 

  • Pale blue or navy polo shirt
  • Navy school windcheater, bomber jacket, fleecy jacket or hoodie
  • Navy blue tights/leggings
  • Navy skort, navy blue tunic/skirt
  • Navy track pants, basketball shorts or navy shorts
  • Navy and white check dress
  • Navy slouch hat, wide brimmed hat or Legionnaire hat with logo
  • Navy/light blue head bands, hair ties




NB. Uniforms prices are priced as low as possible. This is not a fundraiser, merely a service to parents.

All items, except the dresses and shorts have the Launching Place emblem on them.


Please click the link to see the Uniform Price List:

2023 Uniform Price List


A special hooded windcheater/polo shirt is organised each year for the grade 6 students to wear.


The general appearance of your child should be neat and tidy at all times. Make-up and jewellery are discouraged. The wearing of clothing of inappropriate style or displaying offensive language or images is unacceptable. These will be covered or removed at the request of teachers and parents contacted if deemed necessary. If your child is out of uniform, please send a note to your child’s teacher. If a student is out of uniform without a note from their parent, a uniform note will be sent home.



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