Enrichment Programs

At Launching Place Primary School, we educate the whole child. We ensure teaching is at each child's individual point of need, catering for all learners and providing support and extenstion where needed. Aside from a comprehensive curriculum delivered by their classroom teacher, selected students also take part in a wide range of experiences and challenges that enrich our curriculum.


The Student Excellence Program recognises the excellence of student achievement across a number of years and across the levels Prep to Grade 6. Selected students engage in online tutorials with other identified students across the Victoria and these students learn about high impact learning strategies such as risk-taking and metacognition as they focus on tasks that stimulate inferential thinking, problem solving and creativity, to enrich their understanding of the study of Mathematics and English. The Student Excellence Program really sets identified students with the challenge to keep exploring their intellectual potential.


In addition, teacher's nominate student's that show talents and interests in a particular area to partipate in G.A.T.E.WAYS whcih provides a range of programs. G.A.T.E.WAYS aims to cater for children who are in the highly able to gifted range. This approximates the top 10–15% of children in the classroom. Programs are delivered at a faster pace than in the regular classroom, and are pitched around two years ahead of chronological age.



Launching Place Primary School also offers a Japanese Master class once a week for selected students to extend their learning. 



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