Active and effective participation in society depends on the ability to speak, listen, read, view and write with confidence, purpose and enjoyment. The study of English, and the broader concept of literacy, is about the appropriate and effective use of language, the use of language as a means of learning, and the development of knowledge about language. It is also the opportunity to appreciate, enjoy and use language, and develop a sense of its richness and its power to evoke feelings, to form and convey ideas, to inform, to discuss, to persuade, to entertain and to argue.



The English program at Launching Place Primary School aims to develop in students:

  • The ability to speak, listen, read, view and write effectively with confidence, purpose and enjoyment w
  • ithin a wide range of contexts.
  • Knowledge of the ways in which language varies according to context, purpose, audience and content, and the capacity to apply this knowledge.
  • A knowledge of the linguistic patterns used to construct different texts and the capacity to apply this knowledge, especially in writing.
  • A broad knowledge of a range of texts and a capacity to relate this to aspects of contemporary society and personal experience.
  • The capacity to discuss and analyse texts and language critically.
  • A knowledge of the ways textual interpretation and understanding may vary according to cultural, social and personal differences, and the capacity to develop reasoned arguments about interpretation and meaning.
  • The ability to utilise computers to assist in developing “computer literacy” in reading, writing and problem solving.


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening