Launching Place Primary School provides a comprehensive curriculum in all areas of the Victorian Curriculum including English, Numeracy, ICT, History, Geography, Science, etc. Specialist teachers provide learning in the areas of The Arts, LOTE (Japanese), P.E. and Science.


Our core subjects are Literacy and Numeracy. Literacy includes Reading & Viewing, Writing and Speaking & Listening. Numeracy consists of Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics & Probability. In our subjects, we ensure we always have a learning intention and a success criteria so the children know what they are learning and how they can be successful in each lesson. We also teach through the Gradual Release Model: I Do (teacher models), We Do (teacher and class together), You Do (students work independently). 



We also provide support programs including Mini Lit and Multi Lit and extension programs such as the Victorian High Ability Program and Gateways. We also offer other enrichment programs such as swimming, Yr 1-6 Camping/Outdoor Education, Interschool Sport, Lunchtime Clubs, Junior School Council, Student Leadership roles (e.g. environmental, media), Instrumental Music Lessons, a biennial whole school musical production and an end-of-year celebration.


The school’s future direction centres on the provision of a progressive curriculum with a strong focus on core learning of literacy and numeracy. Students are encouraged to develop decision-making, problem solving and critical thinking skills while learning and implementing tolerance, respect and consideration of others.



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