Special Events

At Launching Place Primary School, we offer a range of special events over the year. This includes:


Prep/Buddy and New Family BBQ

Prep students are paired with a grade 5 buddy during orientation day before they begin school. At the beginning of each year, we host a BBQ with games and activities so that new students can get to know our staff and community and to become familiar with their surroundings. Big buddies love to show their little buddy around and to have a jump with them on the jumping castle.


Easter Hat Parade

Students decorate/create a hat for our annual Easter Hat Parade. Our Junior School Council usually run this event and ask if students would like to donate a gold coin to help raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. We have prizes for the most creative hats in each grade.


Dress Up Days

We have dress up days from time to time. For example, we often hold a Book Character Dress-Up Day during book week and dress in orange for Harmony Day.


Crazy Hair Day

Sometimes we hold Crazy Hair Days to raise money for school projects or just for fun. We have prizes for the craziest hair in each grade.


Book Fair

Each year we hold a book fair that runs for a few days during Education Week. Each class is given the opportunity to have a look at the book fair and to create a wish list. Students do not have to purchase books, just their attendance at the fair stimulates student’s excitement about books and enjoyment in reading.


Life Education Van

Once every 2 years, we ask the Life Education Mobile Learning Centre to visit Launching Place Primary School to engage students in health education and empower them to make safer and healthier choices. Life Education offers a range programs targeted at different ages groups.


Responsible Pet Ownership Program

The Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) program educates children on living safely with dogs and responsible pet ownership. Pet educators and their dogs visit our school each year to promote safety messages through animated presentations, song and role play.



NAIDOC week is celebrated in July each year. At Launching Place Primary School, we celebrate the history, diverse cultures and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through various classroom activities.


Launch Cup

Each year in November, it’s time for the race that stops the Nation- the renowned ‘Launch Cup’. Each grade creates and names a ‘horse’ to ride in the race. A jockey is selected to ride the horse. Colours are chosen and each grade is given a number for their horse. Students are encouraged to wear their class colours or their finest racing outfits. Two selected owners present their horse at the beginning of the Launch Cup. Each grade puts forward two trainers that help coach the jockey around the racetrack. The race is a game of chance where each jockey may only advance their horse to the next marker if their number is drawn from a hat.



We create and perform a production every two years. The Production Team is made up of staff who write a script, create characters and develop all the scenes, props and costumes. The grade 5/6 students have the opportunity to audition for a role in the play and then rehearse during allocated times over the day. Each grade perform (sing and dance) a song between each acts and there are also other opportunities for students to be part of other singing and dancing roles.


Christmas Concert

Students sing Christmas songs with actions for parents and friends. The whole school usually perform a song together and we have a special visitor (Santa) that arrives on a fire truck to hand out lollies.


Grandparent's Day

Grandparents (or special friends) are invited to Grandparent’s Day each year to join in classroom activities, share afternoon tea and watch student’s performances. This is a huge event and a very special day for students and staff here at Launch.


Maths Night/Science Nights

From time to time, we hold Maths or Science Nights were we encourage families to come along and join in classroom activities and games with their children.


Open Night

We hold an Open Night (or afternoon) each year where parents and special friends are invited to wander through classrooms with your children to see some of what they do at school. Each classroom has activities that you can complete with your children and parents are then invited to watch student’s performances.


Alpha Show

Each year we are very lucky to have the Alpha Show come and perform at our school and they are fantastic! The Alpha Show adapt classic stories into highly entertaining and comedic live theatre performances.


Film Festival

Grade 5/6 students work in small teams to create video clips to songs during Performing Art class. They learn how to add special effects to their work. The films are screened at the Launching Place Primary School Film Festival.


Movie Nights and Discos

Sometimes we hold movie nights or discos as fundraisers for the school. These events are well loved by the students.


Incursion and excursions

Over the year, each level have a range of extra-curricular activities that they are involved in whether it be at school (incursions) or offsite (excursions). 


Assembly performances (grades, levels, music)

We love to celebrate special performances from each grade/level and from students learning a musical instrumental that would like to share at our assemblies.


CFA Visit

Our local CFA love to come out to visit our Prep students each year. They show our students the fire fighter equipment, what to do if there is a fire, to see the fire truck and to have a go at using the fire hose. 


Santa Visit

Each year, the Preps write a letter to Santa. We have been lucky that Santa reads our letters and then comes to Launching Place Primary School to see our students and to give them each a personalised letter back. 


And there are many more fun things that happen over the year!


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