Sporting Activities

At Launching Place Primary School we see Sport as an important part of our children’s overall development. Even though winning is fun, the participation and “having a go” is encouraged most of all. We also have many links to our local community clubs so that the children can go on and experience team and individual sport in our local area.


We are also part of the School Sports Victoria Program that offer programs that cater for children and teams that want to follow pathways that can take them to state level. Our Sports Programs start at the Prep level right through to the senior grades. Many of our sports programs have been recognised state wide and we are always looking at providing new experiences and opportunities for our students. We have been fortunate in receiving many grants through the Sporting School Program and this has enabled us to try many new sports and have access to outstanding coaches. A quick glance of some events we are involved in is provided below.



Whole school swimming carnival (Prep to Grade 6), Interschool swimming (Grades 3 to 6) and the swimming program (Prep to Grade 2). 



This day is held at Lilydale Lake for students in Grade 5/6.



School program and Interschool Athletics.



Students can play at school and in interschool competitions. They will be supported by our local coach. 


Upper Yarra Table Tennis Tournament


AFL Girls Interschool Footy Gala Day                                          


Cross Country

Opportunities to participate in interschool competitions.


Orienteering (Photo Trail)/Expo Tabloid Day 

Prep to Grade 2 students travel by bus to Maroondah Dam. They particiapte in a photo trail by following instructions to find certain things around Maroondah Dam. Students will then rotate around the sporting activities run by local high school students. 


Aussie Sports Expo

Grade 5/6 students will partipate in a range of different sports and activities. 



Grade 5/6 students will learn archery skills at the Yarra Valley Archery Park.


Winter Sports Interschool Sports Program


Annual Ski Trip          

Students in Grade 3/4 and 5/6 will travel by bus to Marysville for some cross country skiing.


Upper Yarra Winter Sport Round Robin Tournament                      

Football, Netball, Volleystars, Softball, Soccer        


Upper Yarra Hooptime

Students in Grade 3/4 and Grade 5/6 form teams to compete in several basketball games. 


Physical Maths Challenge  

This is an interschool program which combines Maths and sporting skills


Expo Tabloid Sports for 3/4s and Traditional Sports


Athletics Techno Challenge



Students in Grade 3-6 travel by bus to Maroondah Dam to complete an orienteering course. 


Junior Sports       

Interschool event for Prep to Grade 2. Local high school students will run sporting activities and students rotate around to partipate in each event. 


Summer Sports Round Robin Interschool Tournament

T 20 Cricket Tennis, Lawn Bowls and Indoor Soccer



Interschool Event for individuals and teams.

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